Remaley Design | Jeanette’s design philosophy
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Jeanette’s design philosophy

“My idea of good design is creating functional, beautiful, well balanced  rooms. Incorporating the homeowners pieces, adding new upholstery, exciting accessories and beautiful fabrics makes it all come together. Listening to my clients wants and needs leads to careful planning to create the environment they want.”

Jeanette collaborates with builders and architects to ensure her clients get the look they want and make every space useful.

Her projects include homes, condominiums, townhouses, office spaces, commercial environments. She specializes in exterior finish specifications as well as interior finishes.

Jeanette was born in Tuscaloosa, AL.  She attended the University of Alabama for two years then completed her interior design education at the International Institute for Interior Design in Washington, DC. She is married to Richard Remaley and is the grand daughter of well known architect, Don B. Schuyler.

Have an idea? I am here to turn your vision into reality.